Several years later the crew met Alex at The Dent Schoolhouse as he became a makeup artist and the costume director.  The four have a true passion and love for art! 

B.A.M. FX is your one stop shop for everything make-up and costumes.  Monster, Gore, Beauty, Fantasy, Full Body, and Abstract. B.A.M. FX can make your project come to life!


Meet the Gang...



B.A.M. FX stands for Beauty And Monster Effects.  This group of talented artists was created in 2009 and has done everything from make-up for feature films, face and body paint for promotional events, and monster make-up for such nationally ranked attractions as The Dent Schoolhouse haunted attraction. 


Bud (founder), Amber (founder), and Aryn met while doing special effects for the haunted attraction, The Dent Schoolhouse.  After finding a similar love for special effects make-up they came together to form B.A.M. FX.   


BUD (Owner/Make-up Artist)


​​​​​​Bud always wanted to be an entertainer but never thought he would end up doing make-up.  His love for make-up and special effects grew out of necessity.  When he took over The Dent Schoolhouse haunted attraction he realized that to better the actors and the show he had to understand a main ingredient... make-up.  An actor at heart, he also realized that doing make-up was an easier way to get on a movie set then fighting with millions of actors wanting a role.  Mainly self taught, Bud took to the challenge and stared learning make-up on set of college productions, at the haunted attraction, and through short films.  His thirst for character acting propelled his love for making outlandish creations through his make-up.  While on set, Bud also has a reputation of keeping the cast and crew entertained and smiling.  Who knew that a man who owns a haunted house, is a DJ for a local Cincinnati radio station, and acts... would also pick-up a brush and start applying makeup.  Zombies, monsters, trauma, or creatures... transforming the human canvas is his favorite part.

AMBER (Make-up Artist)  


​​​Amber began working in cosmetics 12 years ago because I loved how makeup can transform someone, whether to build their confidence to feel better about themselves, look their absolute best for their wedding day, or to get an actor into a character makeup to enhance their performance. It all relates. I always wanted to do both styles of makeup to be more flexible on set, but my greatest passion has always been for monsters and gore. I began professionally doing FX makeup 6 years ago with my first freelance job doing makeup for a short film. It was a great opportunity for me to build my portfolio and see what life is like on set. I've been hooked ever since. As an artist I've been able to mesh all forms of art together and it has made me inspired to create again... makeup and FX concepts, painting, jewelry... you name it. I've been an artist my entire life but I found my nitch in beauty and monsters.  Amber is an IATSE Local 209 Studio Mechanics Member and just got off the set of Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.

ARYN (Make-up Artist)    


​​​Aryn has had a love for the arts since birth. She has always had an interest in a plethora of mediums, but her favorites include painting, sculpting, and photography. In later years Aryn began venturing into the world of extreme beauty and fx makeup. She started off doing makeup on herself and friends for going out, personal photo shoots, and Halloween. 2010 was a big turning point in Aryn's artistic career. She completed her tattoo apprenticeship, attended the Midwest Haunters Convention as an official photographer, and began working for the Dent Schoolhouse as an actor and makeup artist. In 2011 she began work as a professional facepainter with Everafter Faces for various events and conventions. In 2012 Aryn was featured as a bodypainter in MHC's body art fashion show along side Anne Collins, was a finalist in RAW artists Cincinnati's RAWards show in the makeup category, and joined the ranks of B.A.M. FX. As a part of B.A.M. some of Aryn's work has been featured in Auxiliary Magazine, and Dark Beauty Magazine. She currently still works for all of the above mentioned as a makeup artist/face and body painter, and for Body of Art Tattoo as an owner/artist.

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