Revelation Trail

Release Year:   2013

Genre:  Horror/Western


A frontier preacher's life is destroyed when a gruesome power consumes the land; he now must make the choice to give in to ruin, or find his purpose in the fight against the mysterious undead. Joined by the town lawman (who has entirely different personal demons to confront), the two men learn the extremes they're willing to go to in order to make it to the next day, as well as the depths people will go to when they truly believe in something.


B.A.M. FX was on set for both the winter and the

summer shoot as the special effects company for

the film.  Over 100 zombies were birthed from the

minds of B.A.M. FX.

ZOMBIE- Family Force 5

Release Year:  2012

Genre:  Music Video/Horror


Family Force 5, a pop/rock band, wanted a darker realistic look for their single, Zombie.  B.A.M. FX was called on set to create and control the zombie look for both the band and the main characters featured in the music video.


B.A.M. FX also had the task of touching-up the

200+ zombies that showed up as extras for the


Wiilla's Peach

Release Year:  2015

Genre:  Drama/Tragedy 


Willa's Peach tells a riveting story of an abduction. Can Willa Protect Cora or will Roman and Layla's destructive actions blind her to an outside threat.

                                                                                                                                 B.A.M. FX was on set for all the special

                                                                                                                                 effects make-ups and practical magic

                                                                                                                                 set-ups.  B.A.M. FX also helped in

                                                                                                                                 dressing some of the scenes and all the

                                                                                                                                 gore for this short. 


                                                                                                                                ***IN POST PRODUCTION***

Extremely Wicked Hair and Makeup Department (2018)  ... Feature Film

Haunt (2017) ... Feature Film

Nevermore Productions (2016) ... Intro Commercial 

Middle Man (2016) ... Short Film

Willa's Peach (2015) ... Short Film

The Drink (2015) ... Short Film

pHog --- (2014) ... Lousiville 48 Hour Film Festival Short Film

Revelation Trail  ​(2013) ... Feature Film​

Everything Will Be Fine (2012) .... Short Film 

Home  (2012) ... Feature Film​

​Body & Soul (2012) ... Short Film​

​A Handful of Pennies  (2012) ... Short Film

Anti-Texting Campaign- The Shai Project  (2012) ... PSA

Zombie- Family Force 5  (2012) ... Music Video​

Hater Droidz- Flygo  (2012) ... Music Video

Happiless  (2010) ... Short Film

The Diary Of Randy Rhodes  (2010) ... Feature Film

​Homo Mobil-Mortis  (2010) ... Short Film

Fallen  (2009) ... Web Series

Janitor  (2009) ... Short Film

Swan Song (2009) ... Short Film

Revelation Trail  (2009) ... Pilot


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FILMOGRAPHY (order of release date)

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